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The Benefits of New Van Ownership vs. Used Van Leasing 

Used van leasing comes with its pros and cons, just as almost everything else in life does. For example, if you buy a new phone now, you won’t be able to get the latest model next month, and so on, but some decisions are a little bit more complicated than others, and therefore demand a little bit more research. 

New vs old vans

To lease, or not to lease 

The all-important question of whether you should lease a new or a used van is one of these bigger choices. 
Before we dive into the different benefits of both, it is worth taking a closer look at the surrounding factors involved: 

  1. First, always triple check your budget. How often do you plan to use your van? If you only need something to zip off in now and again, then it may be better for you to lease a used van, but if you need something to put in the miles and last a longer time, then a new van might be smarter, more justifiable purchase.  
  1. Speaking of lasting, how reliable do you need your vehicle to be? Could your business survive a couple of extra breakdowns, or is it better to pay a little more upfront for a new van than the rolling cost of repairs later? 
  1. Then of course, there is the maintenance costs that come with any vehicle. Leasing an older van might make the parts a little cheaper, but a newer model is less likely to need newer parts at all. 
  1. What do you need from the van you are leasing? If you’re a caterer, you may need to have a new van customised to suit your needs. Leasing a second van is an effective way to keep that requirement cost a little lower, but you do need to consider the time it would take to find exactly what you need. 
  1. Finally, the environmental effect of driving is now a much bigger concern than it used to be. It is important to remember that 2035 ban of selling petrol and diesel vans is quickly approaching, and with the clean air zones being introduced in various cities, it may be better to make the switch to a new electric model now than wait. 

Now that’s all cleared up, let’s look at some of the benefits of new van ownership vs used van leasing. 

Technicolour Dream Van 

For starters, the latest vans come with the latest tech. Touch screen, blind spot assist, speed sign recognition, the works. These features are designed solely for driver comfort, productivity, and safety, and who doesn’t want a van that makes their life a little bit easier? In fact, the later models are leaning more towards an even higher tech upgrade due to the fact that the automotive industry is more focused electric vans anyway. This will lead to lower emissions, a better image for your business, and can save you a couple of bucks all at the same time. Plus, with the current government incentives, you will be able to stretch your money even further! Not only that, but leasing a new van usually comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, giving you a sense of ease and a nice reduction in maintenance costs over time. 

Maxus New Van

Green, Green Grass of Home 

Overall, this adds up to a much easier purchase in practicality. It may seem a little more daunting at first, especially if you need some additional customisation, but it is a long-term investment in your business and your future. While leasing a used van has its rewards too, such as a wider selection and lower initial costs, it really is a temporary fix to an almost permanent problem. Besides the 2035 ban, there are other deterrents to consider, and they won’t be going away anytime soon. The London ULEZ charge (over £10 a day for high emission engines) and the UK’s clean air zones are just the beginning and will cost a lot more money eventually than taking the electric plunge and getting your business set up with a more modern van model. 

The Devil is in the Details 

Of course, it is not all about money. There are other reasons to favour a new van over used – one in three vehicles has a history that may not necessarily be mentioned during initial sale, meaning you could be stuck leasing a van that has had a major accident, been stolen, or is even already in a financial agreement. What’s more, just like pennies, you never know where the van has been – sure, the cab could have been valeted, but how good of a job was done? The ply lining might look incredible, but what is it hiding? When you lease a new van, these worries are non-existent, meaning there is one less thing to dwell on. 

New Van Deals 

Overall, there are many more lengthy benefits to leasing a new van compared to a second-hand one, and the process is almost exactly the same as leasing a used van. Now is the time to truly consider what your business needs, and how best you can set yourself up for a smoother future. 

If you are ready to find yourself the best leasing deal out there, have a look at our website, or call us on 02922 678 010 and have a chat. 

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