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Small Van Lease: An Affordable and Versatile Solution

It’s no secret that different professions require different sized vans. If you’re in construction or work for a moving company, then you probably want something with a little more room.

If, however, you don’t think you’ll need all that extra space then you may be better off leasing or buying a smaller van.

The best part is it can save you money, keeping the cash flow of business going without needing to buy a van outright. Smaller vans lead to better leasing options too – no need to break the bank.

Small Van Lease

Who Are Smaller Vans For?

There are a few industries that benefit from a smaller vehicle. For example, did you know that florists usually favour small van leasing because the cargo space can help to protect floral arrangements during transport? And catering companies prefer smaller vehicles because parking can be a nightmare at events like weddings – the smaller space lets them navigate at locations and get through traffic quicker.

Small Van, Big Benefits!

Remember, just because a van is smaller doesn’t mean they don’t come with big benefits! Smaller van leasing offers plenty of advantages, including manoeuvrability and lower operating costs.

Smaller vans can be more versatile, since they come in so many different configurations, making it easier to transport people and equipment, depending on your need.

They also come with smaller worries. If you like driving newer models, a small van lease might be what you’re looking for. These smaller vehicles often come with the latest safety equipment and technology – all with the added benefit of an improved fuel efficiency leading to lower operating costs.

They can even help lower driver fatigue, since smaller vans are easier to handle, leading to a much safer drive during long hours on the road.

Smaller Vans for lease

Experience The Smaller Things in Life

Small van leasing doesn’t just stop at purpose – it’s about the experience. Why stick with the plain white van when you roll in style? Smaller vans were designed specifically to tailor towards driver comfort, with better visibility and ergonomic features like a better dashboard layout.

Check out our different options on our website and find a smaller van to match your trousers. There are super attractive smaller vans to lease, like the Ford Transit Connect or the Volkswagen Caddy 5.

Small Electric Vans

Prefer an electric van? No problem! Also known as electric compact vans or EV (Electric Vehicle) small vans, these little gems are perfect for driving around crowded cities and short-range transportation.

Not only do they have environmental benefits and contribute to reducing air pollution, but some of them can even come with government incentives. Many local authorities offer tax credits and subsidies to encourage the transition from petrol and diesel to electric vans, making them ideal for businesses.

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Like the idea of a small van lease? Check out some options here, like the Citroen e Berlingo or the Peugeot e-Partner! All the power and none of the petrol.

Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or if you want to talk through your options with someone, give us a call on 02922 711 571.

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