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Ford Transit Custom 2024 – Check out the new features

The best-selling van, and backbone of Britain

Transit Custom 2024

The motor industry has been spoiled lately, with some incredible vehicles coming to the foreground, but none have impressed us here at Vanzone as much as the all-new Ford Transit Custom, and as a broker (not a lender), we know what we’re talking about. This medium-sized van has some cracking lease deals and is a perfect fit for all trades no matter what you need: double cab, plug-in hybrid, full electric, or a diesel engine, leasing a Ford Transit has never been more perfect. 


Traditionally, the Transit Custom has been a best-selling light commercial vehicle since its release in 2012 and has sat on top of the commercial vehicle best seller list for a long time, making newest model a highly anticipated event. It has been built with a longer wheelbase and lighter platform, making way for the 400-volt batteries used in the E-Transit Custom. As such, the shape has had a subtle but substantial facelift, with a great fresh look – yes, we are talking about the range of colours, and boy are they beautiful. 

Colour Coded 

Aside from the sleek Frozen White, Ford are offering their Transit Customs in Race Red, Shadow Black, and Deep Impact Blue all with bold 17.5-inch alloy wheels in black. The kicker is the red, blue, and white have their details and roofs painted a slick jet black, accessorising the already smart colours. However, the Shadow Black Custom has a Race Red detail and roof paintwork, making it the most dramatic of the quartet by miles. 
We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the intimidating grille. With the limited trim option, there grille has a chrome skirting, giving the traditional style we have all come to know a little more oomph about it.  

Lease the Exceptional 

Ford are offering much more than just a paintjob mind. They have taken the Transit Custom and transformed it into something almost completely new. It has been relieved of around 100kg in weight and stretched out by 200mm in the wheelbase making more room for fuel-efficient batteries and electrics. But Ford did not compromise on anything – the Transit Custom has a payload of up to 1400kgm a 6.8m3 load area AND a 2.8-tonne towing capacity. Even the less noticeable changes have had an intense impact. For example, the from design has been altered to improve the drag by around 13%, is around 15mm lower to the ground and has an 80mm mobile entry step. Being lower has allowed Ford to lower the roof which has the added benefit being able to sneak under the 2m height restriction for underground carparks – a great perk for most trades. 

Brand New Badge 

The cherry on top of this gorgeous van is the brand-new logo. Ford very quietly removed the chrome lines and silver text, favouring a white ‘Ford’ and a single, white line surrounding it. Either they updated the blue used for the eye-catching badge, or perhaps the changes simply heighten the contrast, but the precise enhancements make for a much more aesthetically pleasing logo. 

Ford Feedback 

But you know what they say, beauty is on the inside, and let us tell you why that is true. The Ford Transit Custom has completely redesigned the cabin interior, and one of the biggest changes is the floor being flat to make it functional for additional storage. It is also proof that Ford care about their customer’s satisfaction. A client contacted them stating that they enjoyed having their paint cans in the cabin with them and boom! Ford made it much easier. The only downside to this is needing to much more aware of loose objects being able to roll underneath the peddles as there are less obstacles in the way especially if you go for the automatic option. Where a manual will have a gear stick jutting out, the automatic has its gear shifter closer to the steering wheel, allowing for three adults to comfortably fit on the seats without cramping their knees or sitting partially on one another.  


There are plenty of other storage options besides the floor too. For example, the door has three storage slots, the middle one being larger and having space for a water bottle. The other two are smaller in size, and the bottom one is mostly out of sight with the door closed as it is nearer the bottom. While there is a couple of other spots, the two gloveboxes were an interesting choice on Ford’s behalf. The one lower down is the standard, expect one with nothing notable about it, but the second one is much deeper going back around 30cm, but only being 10cm high. It doesn’t have the super fancy LED storage lighting (more on that later), so it is more beneficial to use this one for bigger objects, like a work folder, rather than letting something roll towards the back. 
We hear you asking how the Transit Custom can have two glove compartments and the answer is unusual – Ford has moved the airbag to the roof. Now, an argument can be made that the lower roof to accommodate this move can make the cabin feel smaller, but the same thing can also be said for the medium sized vans from Fiat, Citroen, Peugeot, Toyota, and Vauxhall.  

Tech Check 

Ford have spared no expense when it comes to the connectivity and tech upgrades in their Transit Custome. You get a 13.0-inch touchscreen next to the steering wheel and comes with the latest Sync 4 operating system that does not interfere with you pairing your own phone up with the system. All the transits have this feature, meaning all drivers will have complete access to navigation without problems and if that isn’t enough, Ford have fitted in Alexas for voice control, eliminating the need for most physical buttons. The Customs still have physical buttons of course for features like driving assistance and the window demister, but things previously easy to locate like heat control now need to be found using the touchscreen. Despite being relatively easy to locate, this is much more annoying than earlier models, though it is worth noting that Ford are not the only manufacturer to have made this decision. 

Ford – Lighting the Way 

A new wonderful feature that we cannot find a fault with the LED lighting that surrounds the van. When loading a van, it can be difficult to see what you are doing or where you’re putting things especially in the dark, and Ford have taken that into account. When you lease one of these vans, you have the option of super-bright, energy efficient LED lights to be in the load area. Gone are the days of working blindly in the dark – heck, throw a desk in there and you have an office on wheels! 

Practically Perfect 

The LED lights definitely lead to an increased practicality level, but so do the additional lower step on the side entry, the additional storage space in the second glove compartment and the multi-cab version will feature an L-shaped bulkhead. Seating will be at one end and the other will feature a section of full-length loading bay making transporting long and awkward objects or even people much easier. The driving quality itself has been made better with lighter steering and easier handling as a result. The engine for the EcoDiesel workhorse has stayed the same as earlier versions, 2.0l ranging from 109bhp to 168bhp, but if it’s a quieter drive you’re looking for then give the all-electric or the plug-in hybrid a spin. 

Transit Custom Double Cab 

Now, let’s take a second to look at the double-cab. Still just as gorgeous and practical, with a maximum vehicle length of 4,973mm, height of 2,060mm and load space of 3.50m3, but with the need of transporting people being the most important factor, and Ford did not disappoint. There is the option to have two or three seats up front as standard and can have up to six seats in total throughout the rest of the van. 
When you go for a Trend, Limited and/or Sport series of the double cab, the front passenger seat is available with a fold-out 345mm x 240mm table that comes complete with space for pens, a flexible elastic restraining strap and has two cupholder. You don’t even need to worry about WiFi, since Ford have made the connection easier with FordPass Connect. Built directly in, the system allows 4G WiFi for up to 10 devices. This doesn’t just stop at connecting to the van, but the SYNC 3 allows for an easy, hands-free control system too. Everything has been considered with workers in mind, and really aids the daily driving experience – say goodbye to traffic jams or difficult navigation. Those days are over, baby. 

The Range 

Ford really have made customer satisfaction the most crucial factor with the release of the Transit Custom in 2024. Below is the range available: 

Trend Limited Trail Sport 
13” SYNC4 centre touchscreen Optional mobile office pack with tilting steering wheel All-wheel drive standard on ‘Trail’ with auto transmission Exterior racing stripes and decal 
12” digital instrument cluster Ultra-bright LED load-space lighting Mechanical limited-slip differential (mLSD, manual transmission only) 17” sport alloy wheels 
Electronic automatic temperature control air conditioning Optional power side load doors with hands-free opening Striking yellow exterior decal Sport body kit with rear spoiler 
Locking glove box Load-through bulkhead Optional 17” black alloys Heated driver’s seat with powered 6-way adjust and power lumber 
16” steel wheels with full wheel covers Heated driver’s seat with 4-way adjust and heated dual passenger seat Unique Trail grille and skid-plate Dual-zone electronic automatic temperature control 
Parking pack with front parking aid and rear-view camera Wireless charging (part of optional ‘Limited Styling Pack’ Auto power-foldable heated and adjustable door mirrors LED Taillights 
Driver’s seat 4-way adjust and lumbar Auto power-foldable heated and adjustable door mirrors Full-height load space trim.  
Under seat stowage and load through bulkhead for passenger seat Keyless entry start   
Partial body-colour front and rear bumpers LED head lights   

If you are ready to talk about leasing a Ford Transit Custom or want to learn more about van leasing at all give, just give one our incredible sales team a bell on 02922 678 010 or send us an email at  

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