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Best Crew Cab Van for Your Family 

There are a few factors to consider when shopping around for a new family car – safety features, reliability, running costs and of course, space. Add in the possibility of using the same vehicle for work and suddenly you realise a van for the family would be the more practical choice. 

Fear not! We here are at Vanzone have done our homework across the wide range of vans available, we have put together this list to make deciding which van would be best for your working and family life that little bit easier.  

Ford Transit Custom Double Cab-In-Van:

Ford Transit Crew Van

The van of Britain strikes again! as the best-selling van in the UK, the van contains a people-load option. The double cab-in-van might be one of the older designs around, but it has continued to impress trade workers all around, and the family worker is no different.  
Since it is a double cab-in-van, it has an additional row of seats behind the driver and passenger(s), making it a six-seater. Great for traveling with workers, and more than enough room for the family on the weekend – the perfect medium sized van for all occasions. 

Ford have a solution for those after something a little smaller; The Ford Transit Connect is a small van with a six-seat option, a single or twin passenger seat option and is available in L1 or L2 sizes, making it possible to have a load space of 1.6 metres. You also won’t need to worry about maintenance too much since Ford still have one of the most dealers in the UK, an ideal family van. 

Volkswagen Transporter Kombi: 

Being called a Kombi instead of a Crew is not the only distinction this popular van has to offer. The T6.1 has been fitted with the latest infotainment system Volkswagen have on offer and in a multitude of heights and lengths, making it the perfect choice for at least a family of five who like to get out and do things when the weather holds up. 

Like the Ford Transit custom double cab-in-van, the Volkswagen Transporter Kombi has fitted side windows and a bulkhead to keep passengers and cargo loads separate and safe. Another great benefit is the van handles more like a car than a van, offering a more relaxed driving experience, just with the bonus of extra space – the ideal family vehicle. 

Renault Trafic Crew Van: 

The Renault Trafic has been adapted to make room for both passengers and load space. This six-seater vehicle is an attractive choice for families and travelling workers alike. Originally launched in 2014, this ten-year-old van is a great all-rounder after years of perfecting. The exterior has been given a polish, with a new front-end that shows off some LED lighting signature and plenty of chrome to make the whole thing sparkle.  

Mercedes Benz Vito Crew Van: 

Sleek and noticeable, Mercedes Benz vehicles are known for turning heads, and their Vito crew van maintains all expectations. It has a 1.6-litre diesel engine, the same one that the Renault Trafic uses, and is offered in front-wheel drive only for this size. If you go for the bigger 2.1-litre, it is then exclusively for rear-wheel drive.  
Choosing a Mercedes Benz for your family van sets a certain standard, since they come with an integrated social image and when paired with the Mercedes PRO connect system, why would you look for anything else?

Vauxhall Vivaro Doublecab: 

The latest Vauxhall Vivaro has one of the best payloads to offer with two length choices available and the heavy-duty variants can carry up to 1450kg, and with a maximum of 6.6 cubic metres of load space. 
The biggest thing to consider with this type of van is whether you need it more for cargo or people transport, since the bulkhead on the two lengths can vary. For example, if you need something more for transporting goods rather than family camping trips, then the L1 will be more than efficient. The L2 would make a great crew cab van for the family because there is a fixed three-seater bench in the back making plenty of passenger space. 

Peugeot Expert Crew Van: 

The Peugeot Expert Crew van is pretty much the same van as the Vauxhall Vivaro with a bit of a makeover, since they, along with Citroen Dispatches and Toyota Proace’s are all built by Stellantis. The suspension in these vans is nice and clean, not letting anything bounce too much even when empty. It handles really well around corners with minimal to no body-roll and has electrically assisted steering, making it much easier to handle when driving at slower speeds. It is the perfect urban run-around, making it ideal for delivery drivers and couriers with families rather than construction workers that must consider bigger items to move around from place to place. What’s more the front passenger seats can be folded for extra room, or to turn into a make-shift desk. 

A small van could be just the thing you need – it is worth considering the Peugeot Partner Crew Cab. It includes an adjustable bulkhead and a second row of seats that can simply fold down for extra space when they’re not necessary. Sure, a family of five may struggle with space, but it is ideal for the smaller bunch that like to zip around rather than slog heavy, long equipment round for weekly jobs.  

Citroen Berlingo Crew: 

Speaking of small vans, we present to you the Citroen Berlingo Crew! It can seat up to five people and still has an impressive payload of up to 1050kg, and with a moveable bulkhead it can act as a standard panel van should the need arise. 
Since it’s one of the Stellantis family groups, the Berlingo is the same vehicle as a Peugeot Partner and a Vauxhall Combo. There are a few different configurations available and a selection of trim levels, so you certainly will not be stuck for choice, no matter what you need it for.  

Nissan NV300 Crew Van: 

The new and improved medium Nissan van has overtaken its Primastar predecessor in style. Having a more car-like design to match Nissan’s pre-existing range, the NV300 is available in two options for height and length for both a panel and crew van. 
The NV300 is also regarded as one of the most tried and tested vans in terms of reliability. The original Primastar had a good record of accomplishment for this, with one of the biggest issues being a problematic automatic gearbox, and Nissan have gotten ahead of it by making the NV300 strictly manual. It also comes with a standard scale of safety tech, such as anti-lock brakes stability control and traction control, so no matter whether you are camping with kids or out for work with colleagues, you can rest assured that driving will be as safe as possible.  

Choosing a crew cab van for your family all depends on your lifestyle and what you would predominantly need it for, but that does not mean you should be limited. For work and fun, take a look at our wide range of vans here, or give us a call at 02922744401 and speak to one of our van experts, to help you decide on which of these is perfect for you and your family. 

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