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Vanzone Flexi Hire – Short Term Hire available on the following Vans and Cars below,  please contacts us to check availability.

Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV)

VehicleAvailabilityDaily Rate*Electric RangeCO2P11DBenefit in kind (BIK) 22/23**
MAXUS E DELIVER 3 L1H1 52.5KWH ELECTRIC (AUTO)1 week delivery time£16.991510£39,9002%
CITROEN E-DISPATCH M 1000 75kWh ENT PRO ELECTRIC (AUTO)1 week delivery time£18.991770£47,6262%
VAUXHALL e-COMBO L1 22 50kW SPORTIVE ELECTRIC (AUTO)1 week delivery time£18.991750£34,4622%
CITROEN DISPATCH1400 22 145M ENTPSE PRO DIESEL (MAN)1 week delivery time£18.99N/A192£32,27237%
RENAULT MASTER LWB FWD 19 DIESEL (MAN)1 week delivery time£20.99N/A251£46,72538%
VOLKSWAGEN CRAFTER CR35L 23 140HR T-LINE FWD DIESEL (MAN)1 week delivery time£25.99N/A228£49,53537%

Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)

VehicleAvailabilityDaily Rate **Electric RangeCO2P11DBenefit in kind (BIK) 22/23**
MG HS S/W 22 PHEV EXCITE PHEV (AUTO)1 week delivery time£20.993243£33,58512%
PEUGEOT 3008 5DR 1.6 HYBRID 225 GT PHEV (AUTO)1 week delivery time£24.994029£40,97512%
AUDI A3 SPORTBACK 40TE SLN 17 ALY PHEV (AUTO)1 week delivery time£24.994025£34,0708%
CITROEN C5 AIRCROSS 21.75 1.6 SHINE+ PHEV (AUTO)1 week delivery time£24.994032£36,8958%
CUPRA FORMENTOR 22 1.4 V1 PHEV (AUTO)1 week delivery time£25.993727£36,98012%
CITROEN C5 X EST 22 1.6 SHINE PHEV (AUTO)1 week delivery time£26.993830£38,51012%
SKODA SUPER ESTATE 22 1.4 SE TECH PHEV (AUTO)1 week delivery time£26.993725£37,15512%
DS7 CROSSBK 21.5 1.6ET RIVOLI PHEV (AUTO)1 week delivery time£27.993436£47,64012%
BMW 530e 4DR 19.5 M SPORT PHEV (AUTO)1 week delivery time£27.993241£50,79012%

Electric Vehicles (EV)

VehicleAvailabilityDaily Rate*Electric RangeCO2P11DBenefit in kind (BIK) 22/23**
MG4 HATCHBACK SE EV LONG RANGE 64KWH 5dr ELECTRIC (AUTO)1 week delivery time£20.992810£28,2902%
MG4 HATCHBACK TROPHY EV LONG RANGE 64KWH 5dr ELECTRIC (AUTO)1 week delivery time£21.992700£32,9852%
PEUGEOT E 2008 5DR 22.5 50kWh ELECTRIC (AUTO)1 week delivery time£22.992260£38,1202%
CUPRA BORN 5DR 22 58kW V1 ELECTRIC (AUTO)1 week delivery time£23.992590£34,9602%
MG5 ESTATE 115KW EXCLUSIVE EV 61KWH ELECTRIC (AUTO)1 week delivery time£23.992500£32,3352%
HYUNDAI IONIQ 5 2WD 22.5 160KW PREMIUM ELECTRIC (AUTO)1 week delivery time£25.993000£43,6202%
POLESTAR 2 78KW LONG RANGE SINGLE MOTOR ELECTRIC (AUTO)1 week delivery time£26.993370£43,1002%
VOLKSWAGEN ID.4 S/W 22 77KWH LIFE PP ELECTRIC (AUTO)1 week delivery time£26.993220£42,6302%
AUDI E-TRON 230KW 50 22 QUATTRO 71KWH TECHNIK ELECTRIC (AUTO)1 week delivery time£28.991970£62,7302%
TESLA MODEL 3 19 STANDARD+ ELECTRIC (AUTO)1 week delivery time£28.992540£42,8502%
TESLA MODEL 3 19 LONG RANGE AWD ELECTRIC (AUTO)1 week delivery time£29.993480£51,3502%
TESLA MODEL 3 19 PERFORMANCE UPGRADE AWD ELECTRIC (AUTO)1 week delivery time£30.993290£56,3502%

Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (mHEV)

VehicleAvailabilityDaily Rate*CO2P11DBenefit in kind (BIK) 22/23**
SUZUKI SWIFT 5DR 1.4 BOOSTERJET 48V SPORT HYBRID PETROL (MAN)1 week delivery£13.99125£22,35530%
FORD FIESTA ACTIVE 20.75 125MH X EDITION mHEVPETROL (MAN)1 week delivery£13.99123£22,96528%
MAZDA 3 HATCH 2.0 E SKYACTIV G SE L mHEV (MAN)1 week delivery£18.99124£24,81029%
HYUNDAI KONA 1.6 GDI HYBRID 22 SE CONNECT mHEV (AUTO)1 week delivery£19.99112£24,64527%
TOYOTA C HR 22 1.8H DESIGN HYBRID mHEV (AUTO)1 week delivery£19.99112£31,37027%
RENAULT ARKANA 1.6 E TECH 145 S EDITION HYBRID PETROL (AUTO)1 week delivery£120.99109£30,37526%

Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Vehicles

VehicleAvailabilityDaily Rate*CO2P11DBenefit in kind (BIK) 22/23**
RENAULT CLIO HATCHBACK 22 1.0 TCE 90 ICONIC 5DR PETROL (MAN) 501 week delivery time£13.99118£19,05528%
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1.5 TSI 150 LIFE 5DR 2023 PETROL (MAN)1 week delivery time£15.99123£17,66529%
PEUGEOT 2008 5DR 22.25 1.2T130 ALLR PM PETROL (MAN)1 week delivery time£16.99125£25,81529%
RENAULT KADJAR S/W 22 1.3T TECHNO PETROL (MAN)1 week delivery time£17.99126£26,72030%
RENAULT KADJAR S/W 22 1.3T TECHNO EDC PERTOL (AUTO)1 week delivery time£18.99141£29,80533%
DS3 CROSSBACKK 22 1.2T 130 P/LINE+ PETROL (AUTO)1 week delivery time£18.99137£32,41532%
MG HS S/W 22 1.5T EXCLUSIVE DCT PETROL (AUTO)1 week delivery time£18.99174£26,39037%
DS4 5DR 22.5 1.6T 180 PRF LN+ PETROL (AUTO)1 week delivery time£19.99148£36,32032%
VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN 2.0 TDI LIFE 5DR 2023 DIESEL (MAN)1 week delivery time£19.99142£28,30533%
VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN 2.0 TDI LIFE 5DR DSG 2023 DIESEL (AUTO)1 week delivery time£20.99141£29,80533%
1 week delivery time£22.99145£34,90037%
DS9 SALOON 22 1.6T PERFORMANCE+ PETROL (AUTO)1 week delivery time£25.99139£32,06036%

Feedback & FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the vehicle?

All vans are delivered straight to your door free of charge for most regions of mainland UK.

Please contact us directly if you wish to check whether there is a charge for your area.

Estimated delivery dates are our best estimate and based on information provided to us by the manufacturer/supplier of the vehicle. Please acknowledge that this estimate could be subject to change.

Whilst we endeavour to meet any estimated timescale quoted, we will not be liable for any compensation arising out of a delay to your vehicle due to factors out of our control.

Which finance deal is best for me?

We have a full range of van finance products available for outright purchasing, HP, or van leasing deals.  We understand that finances differ from one customer to the next. So our friendly team is on hand, to help you find the perfect small van finance deal.

We broker the following finance products:

Hire Purchase / Lease Purchase

Finance Lease (Business Users Only)

Contract Hire (Personal & Business Contract Hire)

I don’t have a business, can I still buy from you?


We deal with both businesses and individuals looking to purchase their dream van. Our trusty team of Account Managers will carefully scope the best van for you based on your personal needs and wants.

You may not have access to the full range of finance options but our team will thoroughly explain the variety of deals to suit.

Am I able to test drive?

We are an online company with low overheads which enables us to offer unbeatable prices. As a result, we don’t hold stock on our premises so unfortunately we cannot offer test drives.

How quickly can I get the vehicle?

We have access to thousands of stock vehicles with delivery available from as quickly as 5 working days.

If you are looking for something unique then we can still help with a factory order to your exact specifications.

How can you save me money?

We keep our overheads low and our prices keen. All of our vans come to you with a 3 year manufacturers warranty just like the main dealers… but at a fraction of the price.

Who are you?

Vanzone is a small family run business who pride ourselves on providing an excelling customer experience from start to finish.

Our priority is to help find you the perfect van and finance package to suit your specific needs.

Why do I have to pay VAT?

Everything we see is classed as a light commercial vehicle. Unfortunately, these are all subject to VAT at 20%, even if you are a private buyer.

What if I have a poor credit history?

Then you’re in luck.

We have recently partnered up with a new company providing finance to customers with less than perfect credit. If you have a CCJ or bankruptcy then call us, we can help.

Have another question?

Take a look at our full list of FAQs, or talk to our experts on 02922 678 010

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