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Nissan Interstar (NV400) Crew Van

Nissan Interstar (NV400) Crew Van

Fuel Type: Diesel

The new Nissan Interstar (NV400) Crew van is a dependable heavyweight, excelling in various tasks due to its robust build and advanced engineering.
It’s a valuable choice for versatile transportation needs, whether for goods, equipment, or a team, offering consistent performance and durability. Its sturdy construction ensures efficient handling of demanding tasks, providing peace of mind.

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Nissan Interstar NV400 Crew Van

The Nissan Interstar NV400 Crew Van is a versatile and reliable workhorse designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses and professionals. With its recent introduction to the market, it has quickly established itself as a go-to choice for those seeking a dependable heavyweight van. 

Built with robust construction and advanced engineering, it effortlessly handles heavy loads and navigates challenging scenarios. This van is a valuable asset for various applications, whether it’s transporting goods, equipment, or a team of workers. Its consistent performance and durability, coupled with features like reverse sensors, Bluetooth connectivity, and cruise control, make it a trusted companion for efficient and effective task management. 

Whether in urban settings or on the open road, the Nissan Interstar NV400 Crew Van ensures peace of mind and reliability in every journey.

Nissan Interstar NV400 Crew Van Features

The Nissan Interstar NV400 Crew Van offers an array of impressive features tailored to the needs of professionals and businesses. Notable highlights include its versatile seating configuration, accommodating both cargo and work teams effortlessly. 

Its robust build, supported by advanced engineering, ensures it can handle heavy loads and challenging conditions, guaranteeing durability and reliability. With a substantial payload capacity, it’s well-suited for transporting diverse goods and equipment. Equipped with advanced Nissan technology like reverse sensors, Bluetooth connectivity, and cruise control, it enhances safety, convenience, and connectivity on the road. Efficient performance, generous cargo space, and a reputation for reliability make it a valuable asset for businesses seeking a dependable and efficient transport solution across various industries.

Nissan Interstar NV400 Crew Van Deals

At Vanzone, our dedication centres on providing a diverse array of exclusive offers meticulously tailored to meet your unique requirements. Whether you lean towards contract hire, hire purchase, outright purchase, or lease purchase options, rest assured we offer the perfect solution for your Nissan van, thoughtfully designed to align with your preferences.

Our commitment is focused on guaranteeing a smooth and satisfying journey throughout your ownership experience. We offer premium choices to enhance the value of your investment and elevate your satisfaction.

Nissan Interstar NV400 Crew Van Finance

Finance Lease

Nissan Interstar NV400 Crew Van Lease Deals

Should you desire additional information regarding the available lease options for the Nissan Interstar NV400 Crew Van, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us using the contact details provided below. Seize the opportunity to explore appealing choices, which encompass a reasonable initial payment and flexible repayment timetables.

100% Tax Deductible!

Hire Purchase

Nissan Interstar NV400 Crew Van Hire Purchase Deals

Explore our outstanding hire purchase (HP) promotions specifically designed for the Nissan Interstar NV400 Crew van, featuring cost-effective initial down payments. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our exclusive HP packages created exclusively for the Nissan Interstar NV400 Crew van.

Low Deposit Available

Outright Purchase

Nissan Interstar NV400 Crew Van Special Offers

Reserve your new Nissan Interstar NV400 Crew Van today. Contact us using the provided contact details to discover the enticing current offers for the latest Nissan Interstar NV400 Vans.

Pricing Available On Application / POA

Frequently Asked Questions

Which finance deal is best for me?

Recognising that financial situations vary among our customers, our sales team is here to clarify the workings of each package and assist you in discovering the ideal finance arrangement for the Nissan Interstar NV400 Crew van.

We facilitate the following finance solutions:

  1. Hire Purchase / Lease Purchase
  2. Finance Lease (Exclusively for Business Users)
  3. Contract Hire (Available for Personal and Business Contract Hire)

I don’t have a business, can I still buy from you?


In our establishment, we go the extra mile to cater to the requirements of both businesses and individuals seeking their perfect van. Our devoted team of amicable Account Managers is perpetually at your service, maintaining a steadfast presence to assist you in finding the ideal vehicle that precisely matches your unique needs. 

Be assured, our dedication to elevating your vehicle acquisition journey remains steadfast and continuous.

How quickly can I get my new Nissan Interstar NV400 Crew Van?

We have the capability to provide access to a vast inventory of vehicles, with the option for delivery in as little as five business days. 

If you seek something distinctive, our assistance extends to facilitating a factory order tailored precisely to your specifications.

Do I get Free Mainland delivery?

Absolutely, we offer complimentary delivery* customised to transport your chosen van to your designated destination. 

*The estimated delivery schedule relies on data obtained from third-party sources.
*Please note that this service is applicable only to mainland UK, excluding the Highlands. To clarify any potential charges applicable to your specific geographical area, we encourage you to engage in direct communication with us.

Who is Vanzone?

Vanzone functions as a family-run enterprise, setting us apart with our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer service and delivering outstanding van offers. 

Our primary focus centres on aiding you in discovering the perfect van financing solution, carefully customised to harmonise seamlessly with your individual circumstances.

This dedication forms the bedrock of our operations, prioritising your requirements and guaranteeing your contentment throughout every stage of the process.

Can I claim my VAT back?

Value Added Tax (VAT) recovery is feasible for all VAT-registered businesses when the goods and services are employed for commercial purposes. 

Reach out to us immediately to delve into how we can aid you in finding the perfect deal for a Nissan Interstar NV400 Crew Van today.

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