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Why Electric Van Leasing Can Work for Your Business

Electric Van For Business

There has been a lot of buzz around electric van leasing lately, and it is easy to see why. With the 2035 ban on petrol and diesel car sales fast approaching, employers are taking the plunge now to make the electric transition easier on their business. Plus, with all the different grants and government incentives slowly starting to reach their deadline, it makes sense to take advantage of them while you can. With electric van leasing you can prepare your business for a much easier transition and keep some money back – it’s a win-win situation! 

Trust the Process 

Let us put your fears at ease – leasing an electric van is the exact same as leasing any other vehicle. In fact, it would work out a lot cheaper to run compared to a petrol or diesel van, and with more charging infrastructure being installed, you won’t have to worry about how long your battery will run for. Leasing an electric van still gives you plenty of options, from part exchange to contract hire, and still have control with how much you pay each month. However, a major benefit of electric van leasing is a lot of packages come with warranty coverage, meaning that there will be cover in place for any maintenance and repairs for a certain amount of time for your vehicle. What’s more, electric vehicles are quieter, making them perfect for running in more urban areas and lowering noise pollution. 

Stash that Cash 

There are also the other incentives, like the tax benefits. Depending on where you live and/or work, some electric vehicles are exempt from paying road tax. Or if you are a business owner, there are more schemes worth looking at: 

  1. Plug-In Car Grant; These are a list of vehicles on the government’s approved list, helping with the purchase/leasing of an electric vehicle. 
  1. Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme; This project helps owners of plug-in cars and vans to have up to £350 back when buying a residential EV (Electric Vehicle) charger. Though it is worth noting that as it stands currently, this scheme is exclusive to homeowners who reside in apartments and rentals. 
  1. Workplace Charging Scheme Grant; One for the business owner! This incentive works by covering up to 75% of the cost and a maximum of £350 for each socket (capped at 40 sockets). 
  1. On-Street Residential ChargePoint Scheme; While this one is less important for business owners it is still worth knowing that this scheme provides funding for local authorities to put towards installing electric car chargers. 

There are other governmental cost savings to help with an electric van purchase and maintenance – no more paying clean air zone charges! For a full list of any new schemes or to find out more about all the benefits available by switching to electric, visit gov website and have a read over the Net-Zero Strategy. It is worth noting that a lot of these grants are running out in the next few years, so if you’re ready, make the jump and save yourself a couple of bucks too! Even without these wonderful budget busters, there are a variety of other reasons to make the big switch. With the entire UK on a green reform, in line with the governments Ten Point Plan and reducing your carbon footprint, leasing an electric is a great image for your business. 

So Many Choices 

Worried about style choices? Don’t be – we have come a long way since the Nissan Leaf! There is so much variety you can take both your job and your personal life into account. Looking for something big enough to fit your construction gear and crew in? Check out the Citroen e-Relay. Like something just a little bit different that you can take out for a spin on a weekend camping trip – the Volkswagen ID. Buzz might be the perfect van for you to lease. Choosing an electric van could not be simpler, though word of warning, you could be spoilt for choice. Electric vans are also decked out with all the latest tech, from rear view cameras to driving assist and touch screens, all with the comfort of the driver in mind. 

What Do Ya Need? 

It is important to note exactly what the nature of your business requires you to do. Consider how far you travel in an average week. Are you on the motorways most of the day, or are you a more urban based vehicle? How often will you be able to regularly charge your vehicle, as opposed to filling your petrol? While it would be idea to swap to save money on petrol and diesel eventually, it is worth taking a closer look at your business needs. 

The thing to remember with electric van leasing is that it can help take the pressure off. For a business that needs a van, whether it be one little van or a whole fleet of them to operate, this can be a hefty upfront purchase. Van leasing allows you to make monthly payments, have access to a vehicle immediately, and keep some money in the bank. Why use all your profits when you do not need to? 

Ready to take on the electric world? Look at our electric vans or give us a call on 02922 678010 to discuss your options in more depth! 

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