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Van Security: How To Keep Your Van Safe

Advanced Van Security Systems

We’ve all been there. Placing a “No tools left in van” sticker on the back of our vans, hoping that criminals see it and it deters them. It’s a common sight, but surely there must be a more effective solution?

Our vans contain a whole host of valuable goods. From specialised equipment to high-cost machinery, it’s all worth a few bob and worth protecting in the long run. Break-ins can be crippling to smaller businesses with less financial freedom.

Van insurance is a legal obligation here in the UK, but its cover will only get you so far. Afterall, prevention is much better than cure when it comes to theft so make decisions now, to ensure your vans safety for the future. If you are looking for ways to keep your van safe when not in use, read on as we list the very best techniques.

DIY Van Security Tips

Here are some of the ways you can make your van that little more secure:

Aftermarket Locks

Central locking is pretty standard these days; most cars and vans on the road come with it. However, due to this, cunning thieves have quickly developed methods of getting around them. 

So, one way to fight back against this, is to invest in third party locks. Some of the best van security locks can be retrofitted in place of existing central locking systems, usually with higher levels of security. With a mixture of complicated routing and stronger materials, aftermarket locks are much harder to break than the standard traditional ones.

Safe Parking

This tip isn’t necessarily something that can be introduced, it’s more of a strategic decision to make when leaving your van. Parking your van in a well-lit and quiet spot, out of public view is probably the most effective way of preventing theft. 

Private, monitored garages are great, but not always an option, so patrolled car parks are another way to keep your van under wraps. Check if there’s CCTV nearby, if so, park near a camera for peace of mind and footage should you ever require it. 

Monitor Inventory Levels

As you’re aware, keeping track of your equipment won’t prevent theft, but it will allow you to determine exactly what’s gone missing in an unfortunate event that something happens to it. Doing this allows you to make a much more accurate insurance claim, preventing you from having to buy unnecessary replacements. 

The way you track your equipment doesn’t have to be complicated; a simple list in a notebook will do the job just fine. Just be sure to note down the value of your equipment and, if possible, take photos.

Steering Wheel/Brake Locks

Although this is a bit of an old school tip, it works a treat. In years past, central locking mechanisms were nowhere near as robust as they are now. So, a way that drivers prevented theft was to use dedicated locks applied to both steering wheels and brake pedals. These devices are easy to apply, but incredibly difficult to force off, giving your van a further layer of security as opposed to just external locks. 

Seating Partitions

Looking to keep prying eyes away from all your expensive equipment? Separating your seating and loading area with opaque partitions is the best way to do it. Not only does it prevent curious passers-by from snooping on your stuff, it even acts as a mild safety measure. If you brake suddenly, the partition act to prevent loose debris and tools from flying into the front of the van. 

Remove Your Valuables

To some, this tip is common sense but not everyone understands the importance of taking your valuable possessions with you. Phones, laptops and expensive portable equipment are all prone to theft when left for an extended amount of time. If it’s something you can’t live without, its simple, take it with you!

GPS Tracking Devices

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With most of us carrying smartphones every day, staying connected to our possessions is easier than ever. Why not add your new van to this mix with a GPS tracker? Nowadays, GPS trackers can be found for relatively cheap, without compromising on quality. 
Installation is a breeze, with most GPS trackers being able to plug directly into your van’s USB sockets to receive power. Strong magnets are often used to attach the tracker to the chassis of the van for battery powered devices. 

Stronger Insurance Packages

While insurance won’t prevent your van from being broken into, it can give some much-needed reassurance if such a thing happens. Vehicle theft is covered in most comprehensive insurance packages, with some also able to extend that cover to your precious expensive tools. Some policies won’t pay out for tools left overnight, but if you pay a little extra, this can sometimes be overlooked. 

Advanced Van Security Systems

To cover all bases, the absolute best van security measure you can take is to completely revamp its security system. Bust out those manufacturer provided alarms, locks and immobilisers and get them replaced with heavy duty dead bolts. 

Doing this in one go ensures no signs of weakness that thieves can take advantage of, significantly reducing the chance of theft and damage. 

Browse Safe, New Vans from Vanzone

At Vanzone, we know that safety is your number one priority. That’s why we only deal with brand new vans of the safest degree. Get a head start in your van safety precautions by investing in a brand-new van from us today. 

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