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Mason Harris – Champion of Wales

Mason Harris

Living in Rhondda, Mason has been studying the art of kickboxing since he was only 4 years old, dedicating years of training to the sport. He currently stands as a blackbelt in kickboxing and karate, with multiple awards. Not only is he the current World Champion, but Mason also walked away from the competition with a silver and two bronze medals and has since won the British Title to match.

Last year, Cardiff hosted the World Kickboxing Championship for the first time, opening the door to opportunities for fighters throughout the world, but none more so than our very own Mason Harris.

It’s easy to see that Mr Harris is a dedicated to young man, helping to put Wales on the map and representing his country. It is for this reason that we here at Vanzone thought it was imperative to sponsor his newest challenge – getting to Canada.

This year, the World Kickboxing Championship will be held in Calgary and will take place in the Chief Jum Starlight Centre, a renowned sports facility only completed in 2019.  To raise the money, Mason started a crowdfunding campaign to raise £1,500, and pledged to climb Pen y Fan, South Wales’s highest peak, situated in Brecon Beacons National Park.
The catch? Mason climbed this monolith 5 times within 12 hours. In fact, he even beat his own challenge and did it 5 times in just 7 hours! It’s this exact attitude that has everyone here at Vanzone cheering him on and made it clear that the very least we could do as a Welsh business is support an incredible young man while he represents the very best that Wales has to offer. If you’d like to support and follow Mason’s fantastic journey, click here, and from all of us here at Vanzone Mason, good luck and diolch yn fawr!

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