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Get Behind the Wheel with Van Leasing Deals

van leasing deals

Where to start

So, you’ve started your own business, got all the banking out the way, and now you need a van for work. The only problem is payday is a little way off.

That’s where van leasing deals come in. Rather than buying a van outright as a cash purchase, you can use a lease to get access to a brand-new van, and just make monthly payments! You have more control over what you pay each month, and how long you pay it for, making the whole process nice and easy.

Different Types

There are a few different types of van leasing deals to look at:

Hire Purchase

What you probably think of when you hear the term ‘leasing’. If your goal is to own your van at the end, this is the lease for you, and with monthly payments for as little as 2 years!

Finance Lease

By far the most popular lease deal for vans, a finance lease comes with so many benefits, from 100% tax deductible to zero damage charge, and you sell the van at the end, making yourself a bit of money back.

Contract Hire

This one is similar to a finance lease, but at the end of the lease term, the van gets sent back to whomever funded your vehicle. Perfect if you don’t want to be an owner at the end of the leasing deal.

Lease Purchase

The same as a hire purchase, but with a ‘balloon’ payment at the end, making the monthly payments even cheaper to manage!

Considering Other Factors

As with most financial obligations, it’s important to consider the other factors. We understand it’s a big deal, and we treat it as such. When looking at van leasing deals, we don’t just take your credit score into account, so don’t be afraid of rejection, and don’t just jump on the best deal – take the time to read the fine print and see exactly what you’re getting into.

van leasing deals

The Easy Stuff

This all may seem a little daunting, but don’t panic. Our specialists are on hand to take all the hard-work out of these van leasing deals, but it may be worth considering what you will generally use the van for – will you need something with more room to travel with your equipment? Or do you need something a little more modest, for just a couple of tools and zipping around? 

Check our website for different options, or simply give us a bell on 02922 711 571. We’re a friendly lot and will be there every step of the way, from choosing a van leasing deal until the keys to your brand-new vehicle are in your hands. So, what are you waiting for? Call us on 02922 711 571 or drop us a line on our website.

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