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Efficiency Meets Comfort: Inside the Peugeot Expert Crew Van

Peugeot Expert Crew Van

The Best of Both Worlds
A lot of people’s biggest problem with most vans is that they aren’t cars. If no two days are the same in your industry, then how can you possibly know what kind of vehicle you’ll need?

Then you have one option – the Peugeot expert crew van is calling your name. Designed with the priority of driver experience and comfort, the manufacturers have emulated the car-like experience with a well-designed interior and easy-to-use controls, but that’s not all. Despite it’s size, this Peugeot crew van is known for it’s manoeuvrability, making it ideal for urban driving and squeezing into those smaller parking spaces hidden away in the streets.

Designed to carry both cargo and passengers, the expert crew van typically features a second row of seats in the rear, giving plenty of room to transport passengers from a night out or to a building site in the early morning. But if you need more equipment than people in the afternoon, then you can easily fold down the bulkheads and tada! All the space you could want – it’s practically magic.

Peugeot Expert Crew Van

Expert in Name, Expert in Practice
Since the expert crew van is a member of the Peugeot Expert range, it’s known not just for its versatility, but also it’s reliability. Its heavy-duty suspension makes it a staple favourite for construction workers and campers alike. The payload capacity ranges from approximately 1,000kg (or 2,205 lbs) to 1,400kg (around 3,086 lbs) or more. The days of worrying how many trips you’ll have to make are over. Even the engine is versatile with this van – it’s available in diesel or petrol and depending on the trim level, you could even choose between a manual or automatic.
Feeling green? No problem! The e-Expert crew van features an electric powertrain for zero-emission driving, meaning it can reduce both fuel costs and environmental impact without compromising your payload needs. This electric crew van also gives you the choice of various battery capacities; who needs Build-A-Bear, when you have Create-A-Crew-Van?

It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts
Whilst all that might be impressive, the interior is even more of a thrill. The Peugeot Expert crew vans can come with the latest technologies out there, from touchscreen infotainment and air conditioning to cruise control and handsfree. The safety features have only improved on perfection too, with hill start assistance (ideal for a van with a heavy rear) and electronic stability control (ESC) which helps the driver keep control of the van in all conditions. It simply adjusts the engine power and applies the individual brakes to specific wheels, taking some of the worry out of those hairy moments.

What Van? Awards
The Peugeot Expert crew van has proven itself an MVP within many industries, including it’s own. The Expert crew van has won the ‘Medium Van of the Year’ award twice in succession, the first in 2016 with its debut, and then again in 2018 at ceremony held in London. It has been referred to as “the most versatile and economical product in its sector,” by James Dallas, an editor of WhatVan?

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