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Driving into the Future: Unveiling Citroen’s Latest Line-up with the New Berlingo Van, Dispatch and Relay 

This is an exciting time for the van industry, and not just because we here at Vanzone are in love with the refreshed take on the Citroen Dispatch, the Berlingo and the Relay. The motor trade is on the precipice of change, and while the pressure is on to be better than the competition, ingenuity is a by-product of the higher stakes. With manufacturers counting down the days until we have to switch the electric vehicles, Citroen have risen to the challenge and released their all too familiar range, with a sleek new style that puts the ‘fun’ in ‘function’. 


Dubbed “the van for professionals”, the Citroen Berlingo has been a popular choice for tradesmen with a family thanks to its multiple seating and friendly cargo space. With its latest model, the seating has only improved with a digitalised passenger compartment. The focus here is on how best to optimise driver performance and comfort: 

  1. You can now connect your smartphone to the van and use your favourite handsfree features like taking phone calls and listening to music, all through the Citroën ë-Berlingo audio system. Even better, everything can be controlled directly from the steering wheel or voice recognition from the mobile system, enhancing the driver’s safety. 
  1. Worried about your mobile phone’s battery life with all these fancy features? Don’t be! Citroen already thought of that and have kitted this van out with a wireless smartphone charger for peace of mind. They took it a step further and have two USB sockets available, along with automatic climate control and keyless entry – all part of the innovative ‘Techno’ pack. 
  1. Speaking of technology, the new Berlingo has the space to fit two 10” screens in the middle of the new dashboard and has a touch screen ready to control the new My Citroen Play infotainment system (compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), the new My Citroen Drive Plus system and still displays the reversing camera.  
  1. The reversing camera still gets its own mention! Citroen have upgraded their cameras, attaching one to just above the rear doors and one just under the exterior mirror on the passenger side. This gives a much more accurate image, making driving just that little bit easier and tackling those blind spots as much as possible. Couple those enhanced cameras with the brand-new front and rear parking sensors and you are laughing. 
  1.  If that’s not enough, the Citroen e Berlingo comes with so many other features to make driving a joy and not a chore, including lane centring assistance, road sign reading, automatic emergency braking and so much more. It can also be fitted with an optional heat pump to keep the passenger seat warm WITHOUT draining the battery power. 

All these thingy mabobs and fancy doodads are incredibly impressive and definitely maximise the driver’s time and attention, but it is not the only thing that Citroen upgraded. The engines themselves have had a facelift, with the internal combustion engines including the PureTech 110bhp petrol, the BlueHDi 100bhp and 130bhp diesel engines, but the best option is arguably the e-Berlingo. It is 100% electric, works out to be 136bhp and has a maximum torque of 260 Nm – not to mention it has all new 54 kWh battery! With ever-looming 2035 ban on petrol and diesel cars, this incredible advancement could not have come a moment too soon. Even better, the new e-Berlingo can go 20% further than its predecessors and covers over 200 miles thanks in large to the braking system that offers three distinct levels and three different drive modes: Eco (for more range), Power (for best performance) and Normal (for the best of both worlds). 

Despite all these great upgrades, Citroen have not forgotten what made the Berlingo model so successful in the first place. It still has the same load volume that it always has, with 2 to 3 seats available and comes in an extended cab version. 


The perfect medium for everyone, the Citroen Dispatch has upgraded just as much as the Berlingo and continues to be the king of versatility, a generous load volume of up to 6.6m3 and fits in on both an urban street and wide-open roads. And, not only has the van gotten a fresh look with a redesigned, aerodynamic bumper and brand-new radiator grille, but the interior has been enhanced too, taking everything to a whole new level: 

  1. The new Dispatch has a 100% digital instrument panel with a 10-inch HD central screen and the absolute finest infotainment system that money can buy. Just like the Berlingo, everything can be controlled through this one screen, always ensuring ease and driver safety. 
  1. In the same way that the Berlingo has been kitted out with all the best tech, so has the panel vans, but with one addition – the Dispatch power steering is now electric! No more electro-hydraulic, meaning that driving is now more flexible and takes even less effort. 
  1. As if you didn’t have everything you already need, let us add versatility to the list! The Citroen Dispatch van comes with the option of having either 100% electric powertrains or a diesel engine. The BlueHDi engines come in a variety of choices, like the 120bhp and 145bhp combined with a 6-speed manual gearbox, and the e Dispatch has a 75-kWh battery with a range of up to 217 miles. The 7.4kW on-board charger means that the 75-kWh battery will be at 100% charged within 11hours and 20 minutes and has an optional 11 kW three-phased charger – meaning that the battery could be fully charged in only 7 and a half hours! That’s less time than it takes to cook a good stew in the slow cooker. 
  1. This marvellous van has the type of boot space that medium sized van enthusiasts dream of. It can come in one of two lengths; either the M at 4.98m or the L at 5.33m and has multiple body choices including a 5 or 6-seater cab. All complete with an incredible payload of 1000kg for the e Dispatch and 1446 for the diesel. 
  1. It is what is on the inside that counts, but it would be a crime to forget the outside when it offers a charming new titanium grey colour, brand new wheel colours to complete the look, the generous storage spaces and of course the debut of the brand-new badge. This popular van is just as good as it has always been and now has the elegance to match. 


Last, but certainly not least, we have the Citroen Relay. Known for breaking the mould, the latest version of an old classic has improved aerodynamics, useful driving aids and a smart aesthetic to match its domineering personality and keep running costs as low as possible.  

  1. A complete redesign was the only way to honour the Citroen Relay. The radiator grille matches the bodywork, the new headlamps have upgraded to the LED, making them more than 30% better than the previous halogen ones, and even the rear-view mirrors have been refreshed to take everything into account giving the driver an even better visual of traffic. Citroen have even reinforced the black lower section to maximise protection against impact. 
  1. The mid-range Relay comes with a standard 5” display screen that still offers audio streaming via Bluetooth and information regarding the media being used like the radio. But top-range Relays get a bigger 10” touch screen, 3D navigation and all the other tech features that the new Berlingo and Dispatch get too. Even better, there is an option for the driving to customise the information on the display screen minimising distractions and making road navigation easier. 
  1. Speaking of driver aids, the Citroen Relay comes with a full new tech kit, including a wireless smartphone charger, a hand-free system, an optional digital rear-view mirror and 360o parking radar using 14/16 sensors around the entire van. There is also driver fatigue alert, lane assist and under the Drive Assist pick, you can have cruise control, lane centring and traffic jam assistance.  
  1. The engines on the Relay have been as updated as everything else – Citroen did not compromise style for power! The 2.2 diesel engine is available in two options, the 140bhp and the 180bhp. There is a 6-speed manual gearbox, and an 8-speed automatic transmission should you choose it with the BlueHDI 140bhp or 180bhp. 
  1. Even cheaper to run, the e-Relay has 100% electric powertrain and has had a complete engine glow up to match. The electric unit develops 200kW (270bhp) with a torque increase to 400Nm. If that wasn’t enough to convince you to make the big buzz switch, the previous 37 and 70 kWh batteries have both been made obsolete when compared to the new 110 kWh battery – that means you can travel for up to 261 miles! Just like the e-Dispatch and the e-Berlingo, the e-Relay has the three performance ranges (NORMAL, ECO and POWER) depending on what you want to use the van for, but what makes the e-Relay stand out is the paddles just behind the steering wheel. They activate 4 levels of regenerative deceleration, ensuring comfort for the driver and a greater range of distance. And it of course comes with an onboard 11 kW charger. 

Want to find out more about the Citroens, or interested in purchasing one? Give our incredible sales team a call on 02922 678 010 or drop us an email at sales@vanzone.co.uk 

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