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Discover the Perfect Ride: Renault Vans for Sale

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Having been established since the 20th century, Renault vans have come a long way from where they started, and now have an established presence within the motor industry, from construction and catering to formula 1 racing. In 2020 the Renault Master won the ‘Van of the Year’ award for its versatile interior and low running costs, and the accolades don’t stop there.

The Benefits of Buying a Renault

Still need some convincing? Here are five reasons why Renault should be one of your top contenders:


The problem with the motor industry is the massive effect it has on the environment. Renault have put things in place to help reduce emissions and promote an eco-friendlier conveyance. 

Their electric vehicles have attracted plenty of attention, even granting them a Sustainable Development Trophy in 2020.


Renault vans are one of the most popular van choices for businesses and personal use because they are so easy to tailor to your specific needs, whether it be for a mobile workshop like mobile mechanics or a family camping weekend. Some even go a step further and add sleeping quarters and kitchens!


The one thing that should never be overlooked, and Renault vans have refused to compromise. They have been granted many safety awards, including the Safety Innovation awards, the NCAP Advanced Award and the Fleet World Honours Safety Award. They have also received recognition for their pedestrian protection features.


When talking about design, there are four things that Renault vans take into account – functionality, efficiency, safety and aesthetics. These are all in place to meet the needs of the driver, and have a Red Dot Design award to prove it doesn’t just stop and shape and colour! 

Their vans optimise aerodynamics to improve efficiency and use only the best materials to enhance durability. It doesn’t hurt that some of their models happen to be easy on the eyes, either, like the Renault Trafic.


Of course, it’s all well and good looking at Renault vans for sale and assessing their great points, but what about being able to pay for it? Luckily, they have thought about that too. 

Models like the Renault Kangoo are one of the most affordable vans going, whether you wanted to buy or lease.

Purchase Options

Now you know why you should choose a Renault, but how do you decide whether to lease or buy a van outright? If you prefer the freedom of changing your van and driving the newest models, then leasing may be a better fit. 

You can find out more about leasing our Renault vans here, or call us on 02922 711 571 to have a quick chat about your options. Or maybe you have a bit of extra money saved ready to spend on your business vehicle. Have a look at our Renault vans for sale and make a start on the process.

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