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Buying A New Van? Here Are 5 Tips Self Employed Professionals Haven’t Been Told

Tips for buying a brand new van, large van Renault Master.

Whether you’re buying a van self employed or buying a van for a small business, taking 5 minutes to read this article COULD save you a lot of money.

Chances are, you need to move things around. Tools, Materials, Even People…

Whatever you’re moving, a toolbox and a bit of enthusiasm isn’t going to get you much further than a few miles walk… And if your van is a pile of rubbish, neither is driving.

That’s why it’s essential to not just get any van, but to get the right van for you.

Here we’re sharing some of our trade knowledge. Because choosing the right van for you and knowing the best way to buy a van self employed, isn’t always clear.

The 5 Tips You Need To Know

1). It’s Not About Having The Biggest Van – It’s About How You Do Your Job

You start your day by going to pick up materials, loading up the van, and heading to the job. Or maybe you don’t…

Perhaps you have your materials delivered to the job for you and your day starts when you get to site and unload your tools.

That might not seem like a big difference… But it could have a massive effect on which van would best suit you.

Tips for buying a brand new van, best way to buy a van self employed, buying a van for a small business.

If you’re picking up materials, you’re more likely to want a large (or medium) van, especially if you’re trying to get a few large plasterboards in the back.

Whereas, if materials are always on site waiting for you (in a perfect world) a small van is probably going to fit all the tools you need and it’s going to squeeze into a parking space a lot easier.

In a nutshell, what we’re saying is, everyone needs a van to do different things, even those who work within the same profession.

It’s vital that you think about how you do your job and the type of space you specifically will need when getting from A to B. If you’re an electrician for example, click here to see our deep dive on the best van for you. If you’d like a bit more information on a specific van, visit our website here.

2). If You’re Buying A New Van Outright (Cash Purchase) – This Is What You Need To Know

If you’ve got a whole load of cash sitting in your business account then buying a new van outright (what we refer to as a cash purchase) may be your best option.

Cash Purchase tips for buying a brand new van, small van and self employed small business owner.

There are a number of financial benefits to buying a new van, the major one being that it’s a TAX write off, we’ve even seen 130% “Super Deduction” tax write off schemes run at times. There are often funds available to support your business, especially when considering getting an electric van. So we’d recommend speaking to an accountant before the end of the financial year to gain insight into how to financially benefit from purchasing your brand new van (with us hopefully!).

3). If You’re Going With Finance – Here’s The Most Important Information

If you want to keep more cash-flow within your business, then financing a van is probably your best option.

There are many finance options available, choosing the right finance option for you is just as important as choosing the right van.

Now if that sounds like a headache, you’re welcome to give our team a call to discuss what should best suit your needs and what to ask your accountant.

If you want a bit more insight, here are your options:

  • Hire Purchase – Spread the cost over a fixed term.
  • Finance Lease – This a more flexible financing solution.
  • Lease Purchase – Gives the option of lower monthly payments with a final balloon payment.
  • Contract Hire – Comes with excellent TAX benefits.
Finance tips for buying a brand new van self employed or for a small business.

If you want to know more, give one of our team a call on 02922 744 401 or visit our website here for more of a breakdown.

4). Where Not To Buy A Van

We want you to have all the support you could possibly need when buying a new van.

If you buy a van from a main dealership, you’re probably not going to have the customer service experience that you’d expect.

Commercial vehicles (vans and pick-up trucks) don’t come with a big profit margin – meaning that car salesmen don’t want to spend any longer than they have to with van customers.

And because dealerships have big showrooms, they have lots of overhead costs, meaning they need to charge you more before they can make any money themselves.

Tips for buying a brand new van self employed, why not to go with a main dealership.

That being said, buying a van CAN be a great experience and that’s why companies like ours exist.

We only sell vans & pick-up trucks. We have little overheads and we don’t have a million pound showroom, so we can supply your vehicle at a far lower price than main dealerships.

This also means we can focus on getting you what you need, not on what is going to make us more money – and because we sell lots of vans every month, we can offer you the very best deal you’ll find.

5). Once You Have Your Van, This Is The Secret To Worry Free Driving

New vans come with a Manufacturer’s Warranty and some of the most popular vans have a warranty that lasts 5 years!

So here’s a big tip – once you have your new van, use your warranty!

As standard, the manufacturer’s warranty will usually cover your engine, transmission, gearbox, suspension, steering, electrics, cooling system, brakes, clutch and battery. If anything falls outside of that, it’s still worth checking your warranty as it could be covered.

There are a few things to remember here, most manufacturers require that you have your vehicle serviced by an approved servicing partner, you will also need to keep your vehicle within the maximum mileage limit.

There are some things that most likely aren’t going to be covered by your warranty. For example, the parts that are replaceable like bulbs and small batteries, wheels and tyres (although some packages do cover this, so it is always worth checking).

Parts that are expected to wear down will not be covered, like brake discs and brake pads. Neither will accidental damage, vandalism or paint touch-ups.

But like I said previously, it’s always worth checking!

Need Help Choosing Your Next Van?

If you are looking for the perfect van for you, give the experts at Vanzone a call. Our team is made up of highly experienced van salesmen, each one able to give you tailored advice on your upcoming van purchase.

Explore our website to browse our variety of vans and finance options today, or get in touch for some personalised advice.

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