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Mercedes Vito Crew Van

Mercedes Vito Crew

Fuel Type: Diesel

The Mercedes Vito Crew represents a progression from the traditional Vito, showcasing its enduring and dependable characteristics, a more streamlined design, and dual sliding doors.

Furthermore, the latest Vito includes Mercedes’ signature technology as part of its standard package.

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Mercedes Vito Crew Van

The Mercedes Vito Crew Van is a versatile and dynamic workhorse designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses and professionals alike. With its blend of rugged reliability and sleek, modern styling, the Vito Crew Van is an evolution of the classic Vito series. Its robust construction ensures durability and longevity, making it ideal for demanding tasks in various industries. 

One of its standout features is the twin-sliding doors, which provide easy access to both the cargo area and the spacious cabin. Inside, the Vito Crew Van boasts the latest Mercedes technology, offering a seamless driving experience with advanced safety and connectivity features. 

Whether used for transporting goods, equipment, or a team of workers, the Vito Crew Van excels in efficiency and comfort. With multiple configurations and engine options, it adapts to the specific requirements of businesses, making it a dependable and versatile choice in the world of commercial vehicles.

Mercedes Vito Crew Van Features

The Mercedes Vito Crew Van boasts an array of impressive features: Versatility: Designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses, it offers flexibility for transporting cargo, equipment, or a team of workers. 

  • Rugged Reliability: Built with durability in mind, the Vito Crew Van can withstand demanding tasks in various industries. 
  • Sleek Design: Combines modern styling with a timeless aesthetic, making it a visually appealing option. 
  • Twin-Sliding Doors: Provides convenient access to both the cargo area and the spacious cabin, enhancing ease of use. Mercedes 
  • Technology: Equipped with the latest in Mercedes-Benz technology, offering advanced safety features and seamless connectivity. 
  • Efficiency: Excels in terms of fuel efficiency and overall performance, helping businesses save on operational costs. 
  • Comfort: Offers a comfortable interior, ensuring a pleasant driving and working experience. 

Overall, the Mercedes Vito Crew Van stands out as a dependable and versatile choice in the world of commercial vehicles.

Mercedes Vito Crew Van Deals

At Vanzone, our dedication revolves around presenting an extensive array of outstanding exclusive offers, intricately tailored to match your individual requirements. 

Whether you lean towards contract hire, hire purchase, outright purchase, or lease purchase alternatives, rest assured that we offer the perfect solution for your Mercedes van, meticulously crafted to align with your preferences. 

Our commitment is centred on guaranteeing a smooth and satisfying journey throughout your ownership experience. We offer top-tier choices to enhance the value of your investment and elevate your satisfaction.

Mercedes Vito Crew Van Finance

Finance Lease

Mercedes Vito Crew Van Lease Deals

For additional information regarding the available leasing choices for the Mercedes Vito Crew Van, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the provided contact details below. Seize the opportunity to explore appealing options that come with a reasonable initial payment and flexible repayment plans.

100% Tax Deductible!

Hire Purchase

Mercedes Vito Crew Van Hire Purchase Deals

Explore our outstanding hire purchase (HP) promotions specifically designed for the Mercedes Vito Crew Van, featuring cost-effective initial down payments. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our exclusive HP packages created exclusively for the Mercedes Vito Crew Van.

Low Deposit Available

Outright Purchase

Mercedes Vito Crew Van Special Offers

Reserve your brand-new Mercedes Vito Crew Van today. Contact us using the provided contact details to discover the enticing current offers accessible for the latest Mercedes Vito Crew Vans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which finance deal is best for me?

Recognising the diversity of financial situations, our sales team offers a comprehensive evaluation of the elements embedded in each agreement, assisting you in identifying the precise financial solution for your Mercedes Vito Crew Van. 

Our expertise encompasses a range of financial alternatives, including:

  • Hire Purchase / Lease Purchase
  • Finance Lease (Exclusively for Commercial Users)
  • Contract Hire (Available for both Personal & Business Contract Hire)

I don’t have a business, can I still buy from you?


At our facility, we extend our services to meet the needs of both businesses and individuals in search of their ideal van. Our dedicated team of friendly Account Managers is always ready, ensuring a consistent presence to help you discover the perfect vehicle that precisely aligns with your distinct requirements. 

Rest assured, our commitment to enhancing your vehicle acquisition experience remains unwavering and ongoing.

Do I get Free Mainland delivery?

Certainly, we provide cost-free delivery* tailored to transport your selected van to your specified location. 

*The estimated delivery timing relies on information sourced from third-party references. *Kindly acknowledge that this service exclusively applies to mainland UK, with the Highlands constituting an exception. To clarify any potential fees relevant to your particular geographical region, we encourage you to establish direct communication with us.

Who is Vanzone?

Vanzone operates as a family-owned business, distinguishing us through our enduring dedication to delivering a superior level of customer service and offering exceptional van deals. 

Our main emphasis revolves around assisting you in finding the ideal van financing solution, meticulously tailored to seamlessly align with your unique personal circumstances. 

This commitment forms the foundation of our operations, placing your needs at the forefront and ensuring your satisfaction at every step of the journey.

Can I claim my VAT back?

Value Added Tax (VAT) recovery is feasible for all VAT-registered businesses when the goods and services are employed for commercial purposes. 

Reach out to us immediately to delve into how we can aid you in finding the perfect deal for a Mercedes Vito Crew Van today.

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