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Large Vans For Sale

There never seems to be enough room for your supplies. That is unless you own a large van. One of the most commonly seen sights on UK roads, large vans help businesses grow and grow.

If you’re looking for a large van to accommodate your needs, discover a range of the very best on the market today.

Citroen Relay

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Volkswagen Crafter

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Fiat Ducato

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Ford Transit

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Maxus Deliver 9

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Mercedes Sprinter

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Nissan Interstar (NV400)

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Peugeot Boxer

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Renault Master

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Vauxhall Movano

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Feedback & FAQ’s

What Is A Large Van?

Large vans make up for about one-third of light commercial vehicles on the road today. Think of a “white van man” and you are probably visualising a practical large van.

These spacious vans tend to have large loadspaces making them ideal for a range of trades from parcel deliveries to construction work. With the maximum weight of a large van being as high as 7 tonnes, the possibilities are vast.

Not only are these vans versatile but they use pretty powerful engines with high torque output. In other words, you’ll have enough power to carry heavy loads and tow trailers if needed.

Easy to drive and dependable, our choice of large vans are waiting for you today.

Why Choose a Large Van?

A large van is perfect for anyone looking to carry more weight than the average motorist. Out of all vans, these larger types are particularly versatile. Whether you have a small or big business, a large van can help you take it to the next level. Whether you’re collecting, delivering or transporting equipment, a large van will always be capable.

Even on a standard licence, you can drive a van weighing up to 3.5 tons. Unless you’ve got seriously heavy loads, this is usually more than enough.

The loadspace of a large van is, well, large. They are designed with some of the largest carrying capacities available. Many can carry up to 1,500kg of tools and supplies.

Another benefit is the high driving position you get to enjoy. You can enjoy a commanding view of the road and your surroundings so you can read the traffic better. Overall, it makes for a safer driving experience than some smaller vans.

If you’re looking for a mobile workstation, a large van is a great option. Versatile, reliable and easy to drive, these vans are the perfect tradesman’s ally.

Which Models Make For the Best Large Vans?

If you’ve been on the road in recent times, you would have probably seen many large vans. When it comes to choosing one of these vans, you are spoilt for choice. But, as with any type of van, you need to focus on certain aspects such as dependability, cargo space and manoeuvrability. Luckily, the best large vans provide all of these.

One of the best and most common large vans on the road today is the Volkswagen Crafter. With a powerful 2.0-litre engine, the loading and towing capabilities of this van are excellent. The interior is comfortable and, most importantly, everything about the van is practical. Plenty of storage and space for passengers. The ideal large van.

Another good option is the Mercedes Sprinter. Great to drive with a stylish interior, the build quality of these large vans is top class. Sprinters come with a range of engine sizes to suit all needs and they even have more power than other close rivals such as the Ford Transit and Volkswagen Crafter. While a Mercedes Sprinter may cost you a pretty penny or two compared to other models, the quality you get is worth the additional cost.

Find Your Next Large Van Today

With so many large vans on the market, choosing the right one can be tricky. But, it doesn’t have to be!

Take a look at our wide range of options at Vanzone today. See something you like? Contact one of our experts so you can pick up and drive away your new large van soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the vehicle?

All vans are delivered straight to your door free of charge for most regions of mainland UK.

Please contact us directly if you wish to check whether there is a charge for your area.

Estimated delivery dates are our best estimate and based on information provided to us by the manufacturer/supplier of the vehicle. Please acknowledge that this estimate could be subject to change.

Whilst we endeavour to meet any estimated timescale quoted, we will not be liable for any compensation arising out of a delay to your vehicle due to factors out of our control.

Which finance deal is best for me?

We have a full range of van finance products available for outright purchasing, HP, or van leasing deals.  We understand that finances differ from one customer to the next. So our friendly team is on hand, to help you find the perfect small van finance deal.

We broker the following finance products:

Hire Purchase / Lease Purchase

Finance Lease (Business Users Only)

Contract Hire (Personal & Business Contract Hire)

I don’t have a business, can I still buy from you?


We deal with both businesses and individuals looking to purchase their dream van. Our trusty team of Account Managers will carefully scope the best van for you based on your personal needs and wants.

You may not have access to the full range of finance options but our team will thoroughly explain the variety of deals to suit.

Am I able to test drive?

We are an online company with low overheads which enables us to offer unbeatable prices. As a result, we don’t hold stock on our premises so unfortunately we cannot offer test drives.

How quickly can I get the vehicle?

We have access to thousands of stock vehicles with delivery available from as quickly as 5 working days.

If you are looking for something unique then we can still help with a factory order to your exact specifications.

How can you save me money?

We keep our overheads low and our prices keen. All of our vans come to you with a 3 year manufacturers warranty just like the main dealers… but at a fraction of the price.

Who are you?

Vanzone is a small family run business who pride ourselves on providing an excelling customer experience from start to finish.

Our priority is to help find you the perfect van and finance package to suit your specific needs.

Why do I have to pay VAT?

Everything we see is classed as a light commercial vehicle. Unfortunately, these are all subject to VAT at 20%, even if you are a private buyer.

What if I have a poor credit history?

Then you’re in luck.

We have recently partnered up with a new company providing finance to customers with less than perfect credit. If you have a CCJ or bankruptcy then call us, we can help.

Have another question?

Take a look at our full list of FAQs, or talk to our experts on 02922 678 010

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