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Looking for a flexible option for van finance? A finance lease could be the answer you’re looking for. Learn more about finance lease, including how it works and the benefits, here.

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Zero Damage Recharge

Fixed Rates

No Mileage Restrictions

What is a Finance Lease?

Finance lease is a vehicle financing plan suitable for businesses seeking a tax efficient finance plan, without mileage restrictions.

The plan allows a flexible initial advance rental (deposit) followed by recurring monthly payments and contract options between 24 and 60 months.

Initial payments from as little as one month’s rental.

At the end of the agreement, remaining costs are paid off by the sale of the vehicle and these funds are used to settle any outstanding finance.

Although there are mileage considerations that determine the ‘final rental’, mileage penalties from the finance provider are not applicable. Exceeding the mileage agreed will have an effect of the final value of the vehicle but will incur no penalties.

The Advantages of Finance Lease

As a more flexible option, finance leasing has many advantages:

  • Zero Damage Recharge: At the end of a finance lease, the vehicle is your responsibility and can be sold to a third party.


  • Fixed Rates: Much like other van financing options, a finance lease comes complete with fixed monthly payments that will never fluctuate. These are agreed at the beginning of your contract, allowing you to determine exactly how much you can afford before committing.


  • No Mileage Restrictions: If you travel a lot, a finance lease could be a great choice, with no constraints on your mileage.


  • 100% Tax Deductible: When taking out a finance lease on a commercial vehicle, you have the benefit of offsetting the lease payments against your pre-tax profits.


  • Terms From 24 To 60 Months: Finance leases can be carried out between 2 and 5 years depending on your needs. This allows you to stick with a tried and tested van, or shop around and get a new model more frequently.

The Disadvantages of Finance Lease

Some of the disadvantages of finance leasing include:

  • Disposal Responsibility: At the end of a finance lease, the hirer is ultimately responsible for selling their vehicle. This means that vehicles are subject to depreciation costs, which can leave you out of pocket.


  • Comprehensive Insurance: Finance lease requires the hirer to take out a comprehensive insurance policy on any vans leased.

Interested in Finance Lease?

With unmatched flexibility, a van finance lease is sure to please many different buyers. Give the experts at Vanzone a call today and we’ll chat through all we have available.

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